Monday, February 19, 2007

House Parts for Sale!

The following are pieces and parts from my house and friends' houses that we know we're not going to use. We would like to find good homes for this stuff. Everything is in good shape. If you have questions about the items, you can email me @ This stuff is located in Old North St. Louis, near downtown. First come first serve!

- Historic door headers (stripped)
- 2 panel doors (stripped)
- French doors
- toilet
- porcelain wall-mount sink
- 2 well, stainless sink

Historic door headers, 45.5" wide, $10 per header

2-panel doors (stripped, excellent shape!), sizes below, $35/door, OBO
25.5" x 79.5"

23.75" x 80" (stained, single panel)

3 doors @ 30" x 80"

31.75" x 79.25"
French doors, 19.75" x 79.5", $40 for the pair

Toilet, $30 OBO

Porcelain Wall-Mount Sink, $30 OBO
Stainless 2-Well Sink, 6"+ deep, $40 OBO


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